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2018-05-23Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting (May 25, 2018)DA_s2018_074
2018-05-2112th Phil-BIST (Philippine-Books, Information Science and Technology) Conference FairDA_s2018_073
2018-05-21SEAQIL REGRANTS BATCH IVDA_s2018_072
2018-05-21New Schedule for the Remaining 3-Days Information System Development Training WorkshopDA_s2018_071
2018-05-15Rescheduling of Regional Workshop on the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP)DA_s2018_070
2018-05-15Sanayguro: The National Teachers' Training on Arts and Culture for the Special Program in the Arts (SPA)DA_s2018_069
2018-05-10Venue of the Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting and DEDP Launching DA_s2018_068
2018-05-09Nomination of Participants for Training Courses at SEAMEO Regional Center for QITEP in Science Fiscal Year 2018/2019DA_s2018_067
2018-05-09Training Course on Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Education, SEAMEO QITEP in ScienceDA_s2018_066
2018-05-09Bridging the Gap in Developing Classroom Skills: The Making of an Effective FacilitatorDA_s2018_065
2018-05-04Change of Dates for the Roll-Out of Remaining DRRM Training Modules for Region and Division DRRM CoordinatorsDA_s2018_062
2018-04-30Replacement of Mr. Rogan Adanza to the Regional Assembly of Education Leaders DA_s2018_061
2018-04-30Research Writing and Statistical Analysis In-Depth Seminar-Workshop 2018DA_s2018_060
2018-04-30RISE 2018: Empowering Teachers to Equip the Next Generation of InnovatorsDA_s2018_059
2018-04-30The Department of Education reaps distinctions at the 2017 Good Practice Award (GPA) of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)DA_s2018_058
2018-04-30Replacement of Mr. Raquel S. Ramos to the Regional Assembly of Education Leaders DA_s2018_057
2018-04-26Replacement of Mr. Julieto Trazo and Mrs. Grace D. Alvarado to the Regional Assembly of Education LeadersDA_s2018_056
2018-04-26Seminar-Workshop for Ballroom Summer Dance Camp for Curriculum Learning Competency and Dance CongressDA_s2018_055
2018-04-20Rescheduling of the Conduct of Target Setting for School Principals/School HeadsDA_s2018_054
2018-04-19National Seminar-Workshop on Action ResearchDA_s2018_052
2018-04-17Summer 2018 Seminar-Workshops of the i.LEADDA_s2018_051
2018-04-12LFIHD 2018 ConferencesDA_s2018_050
2018-04-11Dance Xchange: The Philippine International Dance Workshop and FestivalDA_s2018_049
2018-04-112018 National Folk Dance WorkshopDA_s2018_048
2018-04-10Seminar-Workshop on Budget and Finance Processes in Accordance with Government Accounting Manual (GAM) and Computer LiteracyDA_s2018_047
2018-03-28Addendum to 37th Principals Training and Development Program and National Board Conference DA_s2018_046
2018-03-28STEPH's Music Center Summer Music LessonsDA_s2018_045
2018-03-13International Trainings and Seminar-Workshops of the Southeast Asian Institute of Educational Training IncorporatedDA_s2018_043
2018-03-13Change of Dates for the Division Level Evaluation and Selection of Gawad Kalasag CY 2018 Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) and Humanitarian Assistance -School CategoryDA_s2018_042
2018-03-12Summer 2018 Seminar-WorkshopsDA_s2018_041
2018-03-09Career Promotion and Orientation ProgramDA_s2018_040
2018-03-08Designing Newsletter and Producing Audio-Visual MaterialsDA_s2018_039
2018-03-0717th National Convention and Teacher-Training Workshop with the theme "Empowering Teachers Towards Quality and Inclusive Values Education and International Education"DA_s2018_038
2018-03-071st National Enviro Summer Camp Cum Youth National Leadership Training 2018 DA_s2018_037
2018-03-052018 National Seminar-Workshops DA_s2018_036
2018-02-24Schedule for eHRIS Implementation Review and EvaluationDA_s2018_035
2018-03-01Participation to Batang Pinoy-Mindanao Games CompetitionDA_s2018_034
2018-02-27Science and Computer Aptitude Test for Elementary and High School StudentsDA_s2018_033
2018-02-26Kasikas sa Tagum: Drum Bugle and Lyre Corps CompetitionDA_s2018_031
2018-02-2637th Principals' Training and Development Program and National Board Conference DA_s2018_030
2018-02-14Personal Excellence with Francis KongDA_s2018_028
2018-02-13IPEd Planning Activities of the SDO and Schools with IP Learners for Perspective-Building and Deepening of Shared Understanding on Culture-Responsive EducationDA_s2018_027
2018-02-06Ika-9 na Pambansang Kongreso sa Wika at Panitikang Filipino para sa mga Paaralang Publiko at Pribado sa Antas Elementarya, Sekundarya at TersiaryaDA_s2018_026
2018-01-07Ika-46 Pambansang Seminar Gawaing- Kapulungan ng FilipinoDA_s2018_025
2018-02-07Sports Journalism SeminarDA_s2018_024
2018-02-07Competition for "Clean Inside and Out" and "World of Mouth" Comprehensive School ProgramDA_s2018_023
2018-02-07Journalism 101 Seminar Workshop for Senior High School Student PublicationsDA_s2018_022
2018-02-01Litunganay 2018DA_s2018_021
2018-02-01Change of Venue for the Division-Wide Leadership Training Seminar Workshop for the Supreme Student Government Officers

2018-02-01Tagum City Musikahan Festival (TO: RODOLFO JAY OSORNO)DA_s2018_019
2018-01-31IT Conference and Olympiad for Senior High School StudentsDM_s2018_018-C
2018-01-30Series of Seminars with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Units Organized by Davao Association of Catholic Schools (DACS), Inc.DA_s2018_017
2018-01-29Re-scheduling of the Digos City Division Scholars' ForumDA_s2018_016
2018-01-25SIHAY National Biology Olympiad 2018DA_s2018_015
2018-01-23International Seminar Workshop on English TeachingDA_s2018_014
2018-01-23Dancesport Officiating and Basic Coaching Course Level 1DA_s2018_013
2018-01-17Schedule of the Three-Day Seminar-Workshop in Teaching Values Education in the 21st CenturyDA_s2018_012
2018-01-16Programs and Courses Offered DA_s2018_011
2018-01-16NSPC Qualifier for Column Writing Competition DA_s2018_010
2018-01-15Digos City Division Dance Sports Seminar-WorkshopDA_s2018_009
2018-01-15National Seminar-Workshop of the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2018_008
2018-01-15Live-out National Conferences from CHRDFDA_s2018_007
2018-01-10Final Schedule and Venue for the Division-Wide Leadership Training Seminar Workshop for Supreme Student Government OfficersDA_s2018_006
2018-01-09International and National Seminar-Workshops of the Philippine Association for the Career Advancement of Educators (PACAE)DA_s2018_005
2017-12-22Postponement of EHRIS Implementation Review and EvaluationDA_174_s2017
2017-12-21Venue for the Special Mancom on December 27, 2017DA_s2017_173
2017-12-19Compensatory Overtime Credit (COC)/Service Credit for DepEd Training ParticipantsDA_s2017_172
2017-12-19National Seminar-Workshop on Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Workshop on Mother Tongue Based Multilingual EducationDA_s2017_171
2017-12-19New Training Schedule and Venue (DM#1024,s.2017)DA_s2017_170
2017-12-18February 2018 Seminar-Workshops of the Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and DevelopmentDA_s2017_169
2017-12-18Change of Schedule of the Conference of the Division School-Based Management (SBM) Core GroupDA_s2017_168
2017-12-14Re-scheduling of the Conduct of the In-House Training for Qualified Athletes in Preparation for the 2018 DAVRAA MeetDA_s2017_167
2017-12-11Digos Mt. Apo District New Schedule for the ICT Training Workshop for TeachersDA_s2017_166
2017-12-08Schedule and Venue of Workshop on the Finalization of the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) 2017-2022DA_s2017_165
2017-12-07Change of Schedule and Venue for the 4th Quarter Meeting of School DRRM Coordinators Cum Team Management WorkshopDA_s2017_164
2017-11-24Digos Oriental District New Schedule for the ICT Training Workshop for TeachersDA_s2017_163
2017-11-281st National Multidisciplinary Research ConventionDA_s2017_162
2017-11-29Additional Information re: Division Memorandum No. 976,s. 2017-2017 DIVISION DANCESPORTS COMPETITIONDA_s2017_161
2017-11-28International Leadership Summit in Inclusive Education Part 2 of the Teacher's GalleryDA_s2017_160
2017-11-24Change of Date on the conduct of the Division Roll-out Activity on the Implementation of DepEd Order No. 48,s. 2017, Policy and Procedural Guidelines on the Certification, Authentication and Verification of Basic Education School RecordsDA_s2017_159
2017-11-24Review and Final Coaching Services for Career Executive Service Written Examination (CESWE) and Educational Management Test (EMT)DA_s2017_158
2017-11-24Training for Teachers in Dance, Theater Arts, Music and Visual ArtsDA_s2017_157
2017-11-2127th National Convention and Seminar-Workshop on Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao of Pambansang Samahan para sa Edukasyon sa PagpapakataoDA_s2017_156
2017-11-22Change of Venue for the Conference of Senior High School ImplementersDA_s2017_155
2017-11-20National Children's Month Celebration "A DAY WITH THE KIDS"DA_s2017_154
2017-11-16Postponement of the Division-Wide Leadership Training Seminar Workshop for Supreme Student Government OfficersDA_S2017_153
2017-11-16Microsoft Ambassadors National Gathering DA_s2017_152
2017-11-137th Word Cup Philippines: The Making of Champion Campus NewspaperDA_s2017_151
2017-11-102017 Sulatanghal Regional Competition (RFOT)DA_s2017_150
2017-11-09Life Coaching Seminar for Teachers on November 25, 2017 @ Ramon Magsaysay Central Elementary SchoolDA_s2017_149
2017-11-08National Children's Month Celebration "A Day with the Kids"DA_s2017_148
2017-11-07Change Seminar from Climate Change to Healthy LifestyleDA_147_s2017
2017-11-03Change of Date on the Conduct of the 2017 Division Science and Technology FairDA_s2017_146
2017-10-2642nd Annual Convention and 17th Mindanao Wide Invitational ConventionDA_s2017_145
2017-10-26Public Administration International (PAI) Workshops for Autumn 2017DA_s2017_144
2017-10-26The Lee Kuan yew school of Public Policy-Call for Nominations for Master Degree Programmes and ScholarshipsDA_s2017_143
2017-10-242017 MBC Choral CompetitionDA_s2017_142
2017-10-23Additional Information in Relation to the Conduct of Management Committee (MANCOM) MeetingDA_s2017_141
2017-10-20HULMA: Creyard Art Training for TeachersDA_s2017_140
2017-10-23Rescheduling of the Conduct of the 2017 Digos City Athletic Association MeetDA_s2017_139
2017-10-20Gymnastics National Judges' CoursesDA_s2017_138
2017-10-13Philippine Science Heritage Center (PSHC) On-the-Spot Poster Making ContestDA_s2017_137
2017-10-19Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 790,s. 2017DA_s2017_136
2017-10-19 Extension of the Submission of ICT Best practicesDA_s2017_135
2017-10-19Postponement of the ICT Training Workshop for Teachers for Digos Oriental DistrictDA_s2017_134
2017-10-12National Seminar on Basic Robotics and Automation and National Seminar-Workshop on Creativity and Innovation in Education: Innovative Teaching and Creative LearningDA_s2017_133
2017-10-11Rescheduling of Focus Group Discussion for the Recipient-Schools Personal Computers for Public Schools ProjectDA_s2017_132
2017-10-09Senior High School Convention: Passport to SuccessDA_s2017_131
2017-10-05Rescheduling of the Presentation of SPATRes for the Remaining Programs and Projects to be Included in the DEDPDA_s2017_130
2017-10-09Venue for the Conduct of Training-Orientation of Senior High School Advisers for the Implementation of Grade 11 Career Guidance ProgramDM_s2017_129
2017-10-06Series of National Seminar-Workshops of the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2017_128
2017-10-05Course-Link Information Technology CenterDA_s2017_127
2017-10-02Division-Wide Skills Development SummitDA_s2017_126
2017-10-02Nomination of Participants for the Training on Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) for Asia-Pacific Region from 19-25, November, 2017DA_s2017_125
2017-09-2829th National Assembly of High School Students and 22nd High School Club Advisers Seminar of Young Men's Christian Association of Manila, Inc.DA_s2017_124
2017-09-25Reschedule of the Training-Orientation of Senior High School Advisers for the Implementation of Grade 11 Career Guidance ProgramDA_s2017_123
2017-09-26One(1) Days Seminar-Workshop for the Philippine Escrima Kali Arnis Federation (PEKAF) and Two (2) Day Tournament during the 1st Mindanao Zubiri Cup Escrima Kali Arnis TournamentDA_s2017_122
2017-09-22Final Schedule of the CY 2017 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)DA_s2017_121
2017-09-20National Science Club Month Celebration Seminar/WorkshopDA_s2017_120
2017-09-19Postponement of the CY 2017 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)DA_s2017_119
2017-09-2015th Search for Tem Accomplished Youth Organizations of the National Youth Commission and the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards Foundation , Inc.DA_s2017_118
2017-09-18Re-Scheduling of the Capacity Building of School Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) Program CoordinatorsDA_s2017_117
2017-09-13Seminar-Workshop for Early Childhood and Basics of Research in EducationDA_s2017_116
2017-09-13Change in Venue for the Planning Conference for the Conduct of Division Science CompetitionsDA_s2017_115
2017-09-11Change of Venue for the Review-Workshop on Important Elements of SBM: SGC, SBM Level of Practice, and SRC and Participation of Mr. Peter C. Senarillos as Replacement of Mrs. Maria Jadloc as FacilitatorDA_s2017_114
2017-09-072017 International Social Science Camp of the Borres Youth Leadership InstituteDA_s2017_113
2017-09-07Invitation: ANCOP GLOBAL WALK 2017DA_s2017_112
2017-09-07National Science Clubs SummitDA_s2017_111
2017-09-07International Mind Education Specialist Training on November 17-19, 2017DA_s2017_110
2017-09-07International Seminar in Educational Management DA_s2017_109
2017-09-07iLEAD November and December Seminar WorkshopsDA_s2017_108
2017-09-071st National Contest on Peacetival of Talents 2017-MTV Jingle Making ContestDA_s2017_107
2017-09-07VRO Capacity Building IIIDA_s2017_106
2017-09-05The Basic Research in Education: Pursuit Towards Providing Quality EducationDA_s2017_105
2017-09-05Milo Little OlympicsDA_s2017_104
2017-09-05Southern Mindanao-Private Schools Athletic Association MembershipDA_s2017_103
2017-09-04Re-scheduling of the Training on the Use of Maps and Globes as a Tool in Teaching Araling PanlipunanDA_s2017_102
2017-08-25Schedule and Venue of Workshop on the Finalization of the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) 2017-2018DA_s2017_101
2017-08-24Leadership Development Activities and Initiatives of the Saceda Youth LeadDA_s2017_100
2017-08-221st Mayor Joseph Peñas Province Wide Invitational Swim MeetDA_s2017_099
2017-08-17Advisory on the Conduct of the 2017 Division Sports ClinicDA_s2017_097
2017-08-10Venue for the Meeting of Division-Federated Supreme Student Government (SSG) Officers and Advisers and Election for Vacant PositionsDA_s2017_096
2017-08-09Training on the Use of Advances Data Analysis for Decision-MakingDA_s2017_095
2017-08-05Seminar on Oral English Proficiency and Public Speaking to School Principals, Public Schools District Supervisors, Education Program Supervisors and Schools Division Superintendents.DA_s2017_094
2017-08-07Addendum to Division Advisory No. 078,s. 2017DA_s2017_093
2017-08-07Librarians Summit and Self-Transformation SeminarDA_s2017_092
2017-08-02Postponement of the Conference for Senior High School ImplementersDA_s2017_091
2017-07-31Ballroom Adjudicators and Teachers Seminar & WorkshopDA_s2017_090
2017-07-28Management Committee (MANCOM) MeetingDA_s2017_089
2017-07-27Postponement of the Reorientation of District Science Test WritersDA_s2017_088
2017-07-2615th National Science Quest DA_s2017_087
2017-07-261st International Seminar-Workshop in Special Education of the Philippine Association for the Career Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2017_086
2017-07-252017 National Youth Science, Technology and Environmental Summer Camp of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs Inc.DA_s2017_085
2017-07-24Support to Voice Teens Semi-Finalist From Davao RegionDA_s2017_084
2017-07-182017 National Training of CITECH Institute Center for Innovation in Technical Education Skills Management Training and DevelopmentDA_s2017_083
2017-07-182-Day Seminar on Oral English Proficiency and Public Speaking to TeachersDA_s2017_082
2017-07-17Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 431,s. 2017 re: School Human Resource Development (HRD) Coordinators' Conference DA_s2017_081
2017-07-13Blue Knight Track League and Coaches' Forum Series No. 1: European Lessons for Grassroots Philippine AthleticsDA_s2017_080
2017-07-065th Word Cup Journalism Workshop DA_s2017_079
2017-07-061st Provincial Leadership Summit (PLS) on September 9-10, 2017DA_s2017_078
2017-07-0636th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate ChampionshipDA_s2017_077
2017-07-05Rescheduling for the Election of the Regional Federated Supreme Student Government Officers and AdvisersDA_s2017_076
2017-06-27Ulirang Guro sa Filipino 2017DA_s2017_075
2017-06-23Pagsasanay sa Edukasyong Pangkultura (PEP) National Seminar on Culture-Based Teaching and Methodologies, Content, Approachers, and ManagementDA_s2017_074
2017-06-23Mass Blood Donation Activity on June 29, 2017 for the 50th Founding Anniversary of Davao del SurDA_s2017_073
2017-06-13National Seminar-Workshop on Mathematics and Science Education in the K to 12 CurriculumDA_s2017_072
2017-05-29Postponement of the Training in Applied Economics for Private Senior High School (SHS) TeachersDA_s2017_071
2014-05-22Assignment of Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) as Checkers of the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP), Annual Implementation Plan (AIP), Annual Procurement Plan (APP), and Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP)DA_s2017_070
2017-05-22Schedule for the Conduct of the Regional Training of Multigrade (MG) Teachers on Differentiated Instruction DA_s2017_069
2017-05-16National Seminar-Workshop on the Magnan Carta for Public School Teachers, Public Sector Unionism and Human Rights Education: A Teachers' Summer Camp DA_s2017_068
2017-05-16Hulma, A Creyard Art Training for Teachers Training-Workshop on May 22-27, 2017DA_s2017_067
2017-05-08National Seminar-Workshop on Music, Arts, Physical Education and HealthDA_s2017_066
2017-05-05Participants to the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement on Multigrade Instruction Cum Learning Resource Orientation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade TeachersDA_s2017_065
2017-05-04Final Venue of the Mass Training of Teachers and Career Advocates for the Implementation of Grade 11 Career Guidance ProgramDA_s2017_064
2017-04-25Management Committee (MANCOM) MeetingDA_S2017_063
2017_04_25Postponement of the Conduct of the Regional Training of Multigrade (MG) Teachers on Differentiated InstructionDA_s2017_062
2017-04-25Series of National Seminar-Workshops of the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2017_061
2017-04-2536th DepEd Principals Training and Development Program cum National Board Conference of the Philippine Elementary School Principals Association (PESPA)DA_s2017_060
2017-04-24Invitation for the 2nd RESILIENCE Mobile Photography Contest 2017DA_s2017_059
2017-04-20Summer League Seminar on English ProficiencyDA_s2017_058
2017-04-18Re-Scheduling of the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement on Multigrade Instruction cum Learning Resource Orientation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade TeachersDA_s2017_057
2017-04-182017 National Summer Leadership CampDA_s2017_056
2017-04-172017 National Folkdance WorkshopDA_s2017_055
2017-04-17World Cup Philippines 2017 Summer Journalism WorkshopDA_s2017_054
2017-04-15Summer Dance Camp Adjudicator's Seminar and WorkshopDA_s2017_053
2017-04-1532 Gigabytes 32nd Regional EncampmentDA_s2017_052
2017-04-10Invitation for the RISE 2017 : Sparkling & Sustaining Students Interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) ProgramDA_s2017_051
2017-04-03 Ika-45 Pambansa Seminar-Gawaing Kapulungan sa Filipino ng Pambansang Samahan ng mga Tagamasid at Tagapagtaguyod sa FilipinoDA_s2017_050
2017-04-03Series of National Seminar-Workshops of the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2017_049
2017-04-03Final Venue of Division-Federated Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) Election for SY 2017-2018DA_s2017_048
2017-03-31Rescheduling of the School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Coordinators' ConferenceDA_s2017_047
2017-3-28CJC Series of Training on Action Research DA_s2017_046
2017-3-28Strategies in Teaching Quantitative Research : A Seminar-Workshop for Senior High School Teachers DA_s2017_045
2017-03-28Dance Xchange: The Philippine International Dance Workshop and Festival on May 8-11, 2017 in Ilagan City, IsabelaDA_s2017_044
2017-03-27Rescheduling of the Division-Federated Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) Election For SY 2017-2018DA_s2017_043
2017-03-21Rescheduling of Earthquake Mock DrillDA_s2017_042
2017-03-21Reschedule of 1st Quarter CY 2017 Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)DA_s2017_041
2017-03-20Research Congress for Senior High SchoolDA_s2017_040
2017-03-17Revision on the Assignment of District /Cluster SBM Coordinators/Focal PersonsDA_s2017_039
2017-03-15Rescheduling of the the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement on Multigrade Instruction Cum Learning Resource Orientation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade Teachers from March 14-15, 2017 to April 20-21, 2017DA_s2017_038
2017-03-142017 National Research Conference of Educators and Graduate Students on April 19-21, 2017 at Dagupan CityDA_s2017_037
2017-03-141st quarter offereing of Civil Service Institute (CSI) Leadership "Diversity and Leadership on March 15, 2017DA_s2017_036
2017-03-145th National Seminar for SPED TEACHERS 2017 and Responsible Leadership:helping Students and Teachers ThriveDA_s2017_035
2017-03-062nd Changes on Dates and Committee Members for the Hiring of Teacher 1 Positions for Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School LevelDA_s2017_034
2017-03-06March 2017 4-day Comprehensive Review Program for Principals' Test on March 16-19, 2017DA_s2017_033
2017-03-01Seminar-Workshop on Teaching Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo for Wisdom and Citizenship in the K to 12 Curriculumof the University of Asia and the PacificDA_s2017_032
2017-02-24Rescheduling of the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement on Multigrade Instruction Cum Learning Resource Orietnation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade TeachersDA_s2017_031
2017-02-211st International Summit in Leadership Summit and Seminar in Inclusive EducationDA_s2017_030
2017-02-17Manangement Committee (MANCOM) Meeting on February 22, 2017 at Nakayama Function HallDA_s2017_029
2017-02-15Regional Anti-Drug Abuse Rally Re: Anti-Drug Abuse Musical Stageplay (ADAMS)DA_s2017_028
2017-02-13One-Day Honor Awards Program (HAP) Orientation on February 15, 2017DA_s2017_027
2017-02-08International Seminar-Workshop on Inquiry Based Science Education Content and Strategies in Teaching K to 12 ScienceDA_s2017_026
2017-02-08Annual Search for the Most Outstanding Science Club (Search) Convention 2017DA_s2017_025
2017-02-0714th National Science Quest of the Association of Science Educators in the PhilippinesDA_s2017_024
2017-02-07UMDC-Regional Interdisciplinary Research Congress (UMDC-RIRC) DA_s2017_023
2017-02-03Change of Schedule of the Regional Training in Sports CoachingDA_s2017_022
2017-02-01National Training of Senior High School Teachers on Strategies and Techniques in Teaching the Core Subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences, Accountancy, Business and Management, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Addressing the K to 12 CurriculumDA_s2017_021
2017-01-31Lintunganay 2017DA_s2017_020
2017-02-01Conduct of Half-Day Conference Concerning Awards and Recognition (DepEd Order No. 36,s.2016)DA_s2017_019
2017-01-311st International Leadership Summit and Seminar in Inclusive EducationDA_s2017_018
2017-01-31Global Peace Convention 2017DA_s2017_017
2017-01-312017 Series of Seminar-Workshop of the Insitute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and DevelopmentDA_s2017_016
2017-01-31Series of National Seminar-Workshops of the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2017_015
2017-01-31UMDC-Regional Interdisciplinary Research Congress (UMDC-RIRC) in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Language, Literature, Technology and Innovation with the theme "Engaging in Quality Research : Key Discourses in Addressing World Challenges "DA_s2017_014
2017-01-24Clarification to DepEd Order 1,s. 2017 "Guidelines on the National Inventory of DepEd Public School Buildings for School Year 2016-2017"DA_s2017_013
2017-01-23DA #012, s.2017 re: Final Venue and School Heads' Replacement for the Training of Supreme Student Government and Supreme Pupil Government Advisers, School Heads and Youth Formation Coordinators
2017-01-234-Day National Conference of Librarians on March 14-17, 2017DA_s2017_011
2017-01-19Series of Philippine Pedagogical Institute Seminars from February to May, 2017DA_s2017_010
2017-01-18Life Coaching Seminar on February 18, 2017 at 9:00 am-12:00 pm at Digos City Central Elementary SchoolDA_s2017_009
2017-01-18Strategies in Teaching Qualitative Research: A Seminar-Workshop for Senior High School TeachersDA_s2017_008
2017-01-182017 Summer Seminar-Workshops of the Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (i.LEAD)DA_s2017_007
2017-01-11Rescheduling of the the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement on Multigrade Instruction Cum Learning Resource Orientation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade TeachersDA_s2017_006
2017-01-042nd International Seminar in Teacher Education of the AEIRSDA_s2017_005
2017-01-03Re-scheduling of the Date of Panagtigiay 2017 from March 8, 2017 Instead of March 13, 2017DA_s2017_004
2017-01-03Re-scheduling of the Conduct of Enhancement Training for Muslim Education Program ImplementersDA_s2017_003
2017-01-03List of Participants to the Conduct of the Division Screening and Selection of Potential Learning Resource Evaluators (LRES)DA_s2017_002
2017-01-03List of Participants to the Conduct of Division ICT Literacy Cum Learning Resource Development WorkshopDA_s2017_001
2016-12-29Center for the Professional Advancement of Educators Seminar-Workshops for January and February, 2017DA_s2016_118
2016-12-29Panagtigiay 2017 on March 13, 2017 at 10:00am at Abreeza Mall Davao CityDA_s2016_117
2016-12-22Rescheduling of the Conduct of Knowledge Enhancement of Multigrade Instruction cum Learning Resource Orientation-Workshop for the Curriculum Implementers and Multigrade TeachersDA_s2016_116
2016-12-19Rescheduling of the Conduct of Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) Program Orientation for Barangay Chairmen, Division Federation Parents-Teachers Association President, Supreme Student Government and Supreme Pupil Government Presidents and City Education Committee ChairmanDA_s2016_115
2016-12-16Rescheduling of the Conduct of Division ICT Literacy Cum Learning Resource Development WorkshopDA_s2016_114
2016-12-16Rescheduling of the Conduct of Division Screening and Selection of Potential Learning Resource Evaluators (LRES)DA_s2016_113
2016-12-16Rescheduling of the Spirituality and Gender and Development Cum: Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting & Fellowship DA_s2016_112
2016-12-14 Rescheduling of the Conduct of Enhancement Training for Muslim Education Program ImplementersDA_s2016_111
2016-12-14Philippine Association for the Career Advancement of Educators International Seminar Workshops.DA_s2016_110
2016-12-135th Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA)DA_s2016_109
2016-12-09Postponement of the Conduct of National School Building Inventory for SY 2016-2017DA_s2016_108
2016-12-011st International Seminar-Workshop on Research with the Theme, Ä Global Quest to Improve the Quality of Education Through Research"DA_s2016_107
2016-11-283-Day International Seminar-Workshop on the Thematic Approach: Lesson Planning and Managing the Kindergarten ClassroomDA_s2016_106
2016-11-28Two-Day Workshop on Developing Cultural Standards, on Nov. 25-26, 2016 with Compensatory Overtime Credits (COC) and Service CreditsDA_s2016_105
2016-11-22Postponement of the Conduct of Parenting Seminar and Student Development Session in Line with School-to-School Partnership ProgramDA_s2016_104
2016-11-212016 Regional Schools Press ConferenceDA_s2016_103
2016-11-17Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-On-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith"DA_s2016_102
2016-11-10First International Summit in Inclusive EducationDA_s2016_101
2016-11-07Three-Day Training on Contextualizing the Curriculum for IP EducationDA_s2016_100
2016-11-02 Postponement of Uswag Dangal ng Filipino 2016 Seminar-Workshop sa Ortograpiyang FilipinoDA_s2016_099
2016-11-02GAD Planning and Budgeting and Utilization of GAD Exemplars cum Contextualized Gender Fair Curriculum : A Gender Sensitive Learning Resource Assessment Workshop on Nov. 24-26, 2016DA_s2016_098
2016-10-25Program Offerings of the Philippine Normal University, National Center for Teacher EducationDA_s2016_097
2016-10-25December 2016 4-day Comprehensive Review Program for Principals' TestDA_s2016_096
2016-10-25One-Day Division Seminar-Workshop on Property Inventory Through Electronic System on Oct. 27,2016.DA_s2016_095
2016-10-24Advisory for Division Memorandum No. 625 and 626,s.2016DA_s2016_094
2016-10-13Corrigendum and Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 574,s.2016 re: The Conduct of 2016 Digos City Division MeetDA_s2016_093
2016-10-18Annual Skills- Based Workshops on Nov. 17-19, 2016 & Dec. 8-10, 2016 DA_s2016_092
2016-10-07CODHHELEP, Inc 2nd National Seminar Workshop on October 20-22, 2016DA_s2016_091
2016-10-05 Additional Information on the Three-Day Seminar-Workshop on SIP and SIM for Science Teachers (Division Memorandum No. 557,s. 2016)DA_s2016_090
2016-09-29First International Convention on Values Education on December 2-4, 2016DA_s2016_089
2016-09-28Film Showing by Crystal Clear Multimedia MarketingDA_s2016_088
2016-09-2841st ARSCU-TVTI, XI Annual Convention and 16th Wide Invitational Convention with FOSRA AssemblyDA_s2016_087
2016-09-26Basic Supervisory Development Course (BSDC) on October 17-18, 2016 at Davao CityDA_s2016_086
2016-09-27Jhanyro Events Management Services (JEMS) "Comprehensive Astronomical Awareness Program for SY 2016-2017DA_s2016_085
2016-09-21Annual Conference and Training of the Philippine Home Economics Association (PHEA)DA_s2016_084
2016-09-22Change of Training Venue for Campus JournalismDA_s2016_083
2016-09-20Conduct of Gender Analysis TrainingDA_s2016_082
2016-09-20Pambansang Paligsahan sa Ispeling: Iispel mo! Ng Komisyon sa Wikang FilipinoDA_s2016_081
2016-09-1958th Annual National Convention of CLMI Junior/Senior High School Members and Teacher-AdvisersDA_s2016_080
2016-09-20Guro Foundation Forum 2016 International Conference-Workshop (ICW) for Teachers & AdministratorsDA_s2016_079
2016-09-19Invitation for the Seminar Workshops conducted by Southeast Center for Training and Development ( Eduardo Soliman)DA_s2016_078
2016-09-14Change of Venue for the 3-day Training Workshop on the Enhancement Program for School Paper AdvisersDA_s2016_077
2016-09-13National Science Club Month Celebration Seminar-Workshop of Science Club Advisers Association of the Philippines (SCAAP)DA_s2016_076
2016-09-13Center for the Professional Advancement Educators SeminarDA_s2016_075
2016-09-13National Seminar-workshop on Mentoring and ModelingDA_s2016_074
2016-09-06Orientation of NEAP FacilitatorsDA_s2016_073
2016-08-05Center for the Professional Advancement Educators SeminarDA_s2016_072
2016-08-05Seminar-Workshop on Gender Research Methodologies DA_s2016_071
2016-08-05Reschedule of GAD SeminarDA_s2016_070
2016-08-31First Mayor Peñas Photography ContestDA_s2016_069
2016-08-30International Seminar of the JAG Center for Professional DevelopmentDA_s2016_068
2016-08-2212 ALIVE teachers to attend Inter-Religious SeminarDA_s2016_067
2016-08-22MANCOM Meeting new Schedule and VenueDA_s2016_066
2016-08-17Teacher Training WorkshopDA_s2016_065
2016-08-17MANCOM Meeting RescheduledDA_s2016_064
2016-08-15Training/Seminar on Enhancing Integrity of Public Records in Promoting and Accountability in Government ServiceDA_s2016_063
2016-08-092016 International Mind Education Specialist TrainingDA_s2016_062
2016-08-09i_Lead SeminarDA_s2016_061
2016-08-09Interdisciplinary 3.1 National ConferenceDA_s2016_060
2016-07-26Updates on the 2016 Principals' TestDA_s2016_058
2016-07-264th Annual Assembly and Conference "Strengthening Councilors" assesment for Global CompetitivenessDA_s2016_057
2016-07-26Career Promotion and Orientation ProgramDA_s2016_056
2016-07-222016 National Seminar-Workshop of the Philippine Regional Language Center Scholars Foundation IncorporatedDA_s2016_055
2016-07-22EIGASAI 2016 (Japanese Film Festival)DA_s2016_054
2016-07-21ANCOP Global WalkDA_s2016_053
2016-07-20Change of Venue for the Orientation of School Heads and CID Personnel on the Implementation of Grade 5 K to 12 Basic Education CurriculumDA_s2016_052
2016-07-20Training/Seminar on the Fundamentals of Records Management: Its Role and Importance in Government Offices' OperationDA_s2016_051
2016-07-192016 International Social Science Camp (ISSC)DA_s2016_050
2016-07-15World Cup Philippines SeminarDA_s2016_049
2016-07-132016-2017 Blue Knights Track League Season 3DA_s2016_048
2016-07-11Seminar-Workshop on Promoting Substantive Pedagogy Through Action ResearchDA_s2016_047
2016-07-08Regional Advisory No. 078, s. 2016 re: Intention to Forego the Conduct of Three-Day Speechfest Clinic and Bumble BeeDA_s2016_046
2016-07-05Regional Outreach Workshop on Folkdance for TeachersDA_s2016_045
2016-07-05Rescheduling of the National School Deworming Month Orientation to All Secondary Clinic TeachersDA_s2016_044
2016-07-05Rescheduling of the Management Committee (ManCom) MeetingDA_s2016_043
2016-07-05Rescheduling of the Conduct of Kindergarten Teachers' Orientation on DepEd Order No. 47, s. 2016 "Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten Education"DA_s2016_042
2016-07-04Regional Mass Training of Grade 11 Teachers on Common TopicsDA_s2016_041
2016-06-292016 Regional Folkdance WorkshopDA_s2016_040
2016-06-29Attire to Wear for the 49th Foundation Anniversary of Davao del SurDA_s2016_039
2016-06-27Venue for DCP OrientationDA_s2016_037
2016-06-22Final Schedule of the 2016 Regional Mass Training of Teachers (RMTOT) for Grade 11 (For the information of Public SHS Principals / Officers-In-Charge and Teachers)DA_s2016_036
2016-06-21Encoding of Senior High School Learners in the Learner Information System (LIS) (For the information of Non-DepEd SHS Providers)DA_s2016_035
2016-06-21Venue and Schedule of the 2016 Grade 11 Regional Mass Training for Teachers on the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Program for Common TopicsDA_s2016_034
2016-06-20Seminar-Workshop on Gender
Research Methodologies
2016-06-09National Seminar and Training Workshops of the Professional Education and Development Training CenterDA_s2016_031
2016-06-06Mass Training for Senior High School Teachers for Digos City Division on Common TopicsDA_s2016_030
2016-06-01Reschedule of the 2016 LAPG and NAT Examiners' OrientationDA_s2016_029
2016-05-27Building Customer-Centricity in the WorkplaceDA_s2016_028
2016-05-31Mass Training of Teachers on the Grade 5 K to 12 CurriculumDA_s2016_027
2016-05-20Seminar-Workshop on the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM)DA_s2016_026
2016-05-05Extension of the Online Registration of Application of the Senior High School Voucher ProgramDA_s2016_025
2016-04-29Diploma in Exercise and Sports (DESS) Program of UP MindanaoDA_s2016_024
2016-03-19Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 144 series 2016DA_s2016_023
2016-03-07Turn-over of Qualified Athlete to the Official Coach in TaekwondoDA_s2016_022
2016-02-29International Seminar on Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2016_021
2016-02-29Seminar on "Retooling sa Pagtuturo ng Filipino"DA_s2016_020
2016-02-29Fifth International Conference on Building Safer Spaces: A Training-Workshop on Bullying Prevention Towards Social Emotional LearningDA_s2016_019
2016-02-292016 Activities of the Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (i.LEAD)DA_s2016_018
2016-02-29Second Wildlife Quiz BowlDA_s2016_017
2016-02-29Change in the schedule of conference of OL Trap CoordinatorsDA_s2016_016
2016-02-24First National Workshop on Multi-Sensoral
Teaching Strategies for Regular Students and Children with Learning
Disabilities and Special Needs of the Children and Youth Wellness Technical and
Advocacy Center
2016-02-16New Timeline for School Year 2016-2017 Selection Process for Teacher I Applicants (Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School)DA_s2016_014
2016-02-17PAFTE XI Annual Regional ConferenceDA_s2016_013
2016-02-16English Proficiency Test (EPT) for All Kinder, Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School ApplicantsDA_s2016_012
2016-02-042016 Early Childhood Educators CongressDA_s2016_011
2016-02-10Division Kindergarten Fun DayDA_s2016_010
2016-02-09Changes in the Timeline in the Selection ProcessDA_s2016_009
2016-02-09Orientation for the Senior High School Teacher Applicants for School Year 2016-2017 on February 11, 2016DA_s2016_008
2016-02-04International Conference on Special EducationDA_s2016_007
2016-02-04Postponement of English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Senior High School ApplicantsDA_s2016_006
2016-02-01Pamana, Ang Prinsesa AguilaDA_s2016_005
2016-01-29Conduct of Seminars and Trainings to be Managed and Facilitated by the Center for the Professional Advancement of EducatorsDA_s2016_004
2016-01-29Venue for the Training of Schools Division Committee for the Hiring of Senior High School Teachers for SY 2016-2017DA_s2016_003
2016-01-2113th National Science QuestDA_s2016_002
2016-01-19Battle of Science and Math Champions Season 2 of the Association of Science Mathematics Educators of Philippine Private Schools (ASMEPPS)DA_s2016_001