Invitation to Bid

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2019-12-13 Meals and Snacks for Five-Day ICT Training Workshop for the DepEd Digos City Division Illustrators Specifications: January 31, 2020 AM Snack - Binignit, Mixed Fruit Juice Lunch - Rice, Chicken Lumpia, Pork Potchero, Chicken barbeque, Banana and Juice PM Snack - Chocolate Cake, Mixed fruit juice February 1, 2020 AM Snack - Slice of Mango and Suman Lunch - Rice, Buttered Chicken, Vegetable Salad, Grilled Fish, Fresh Fruits and Cucumber Juice PM Snack - Beef baked macaroni with 2 slices tasty February 13, 2020 AM Snacks - Banana Fritters and Buko juice Lunch - Rice, Native Chicken Tinola, Beef Steak, Steamed Okra/Eggplant, Fresh fruit juice PM Snacks - Fresh Turon and Fresh Mango juice February 14, 2020 AM Snack - Bihon Guisado with Bread and Fresh juice Lunch - Rice, Cordon Bleu (no pork), Beef Afritada, Grilled Tuna, Assorted Fresh Fruits and Juice PM Snacks - Spaghetti sliced bread and Fresh fruit juice February 15, 2020 AM Snack - Bitso-bitso with Buko juice Lunch - Pork Stew (Potchero), Eggplant salad, Chicken barbeque, Steamed Rice PM Snack - Cassava cake with hot chocolate INCLUSIVE OF: Overflowing Coffee with hot and cold water, pica-pica 19-11-173
2019-12-12 RFQ 19-11-166 Glass Ionomer Fuji Cement - 8 boxes Fluoride varnish - 63 tubes Approved Budget: Php 178,200.00 Pre-bid Conference: 16/12/2019 Venue: ASDS Office, DepEd-Digos City Division, Roxas St., Corner Lopez Jaena St., Digos City, Davao Del Sur Time: 2:00 PM RFQ_19-11-166
2019-12-04 Meals and Snacks and Lease of Real Property and Venue for the Workshop on Enhancement of Orthography and Primer (4days) 19-12-194
2019-12-04 For Lease of Real Property Team Formation and Strengthening: Spirituality and Team Management Specifications: Snacks: AM -suman with mango and hot chocolate Lunch: steamed rice, native/steamed vegetables, grilled tuna, chicken lemon grass, beef soup, fruits, cucumber with lemon juice, 2 pork lechon, 5 chicken lechon Snacks PM: Beef lasagna and four seasons juice Dinner: steamed rice , beef steak, wines, finger foods, fruits, chicken adobo, pancit guisado. Inclusive of bottomless cold/hot water and coffee, working tables and chairs, light and sound system, tarpaulin for backdrop Charge to HRTD Funds 19-11-176
2019-12-04 For Lease of Real Property Spirituality: Coping with Trauma and Finding God in Unsafe Places 19-11-186
2019-12-02 19-11-188: JOb Order Three (3) Licenses Security Guards Stationed at DepEd Digos City Division Three (3) Licenses Security Guards Day and Night Shift from January 1,2020 to December 1,2020 19-11-188_Securi
2019-11-26 RFQ 19-11-170: Workshop on Indigenization of Lesson Plans and Field tests of ILPs for use by Kinder, Grade I, II and III for SY 2019-2020 19-11-170_Worksh
2019-11-26 RFQ 19-11-168:Installation of Close Circuit TV (CCTV) System with Local Area Networking Cabling 19-11-168_CCTV
2019-11-26 RFQ 19-11-161: Orientation for DCP Recipients Batches 35 & 36 and 40 to 44 with Training Venue 19-11-161
2019-11-26 RFQ 19-11-159 Procurement of Library Rack 19-11-159_Librar
2019-10-12 RFQ 09-08--071-A (Upgrading of Electrical System at Pedro Baasalan Elementary School Pre-Bid Conference: October 8, 2019 Closing of Advertisement: October 11, 2019 RFQ_09-08--071-A
2019-09-03 RFQ 19-08-059 Flat Screen UHD Television Specifications: DIMENSION: 43 inches or Bigger PORTS : LAN, VGA, HDMI and USB with Wall Bracket 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Services QTY: 8 pcs ABC: Php 200,000.00 RFQ_19-08-059
2019-09-03 RFQ 19-08-058 Desktop PC - Core i3 / i5 Specifications: PROCESSOR: INTEL Cor i3 or i5 - 7th/8th Generation MEMORY : 4 GB DRIVE: 1 TB HDD and DVD Optical Drive MONITOR: 18.5" LED Monitor WIFI: USB WIFI Adaptor or WLAN card with Mouse Keyboard with Uninterrupted Power Supply 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Services QTY: 6 sets ABC: Php 150,000.00 RFQ_19-08-058
2019-09-03 RFQ 19-08-062 Desktop PC Specifications: Processor: Intel Core i3 or i5 7th/8th Generation Memory: 4 GB Drive: 1 TB HDD & DVD Optical Drive Monitor: 18.5" LED Monitor WIFI: USB WiFi Adaptor or WLAN card with mouse and keyboard with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Services QTY: 8 sets ABC: Php 200,000.00 RFQ_19-08-062
2019-09-03 RFQ 19-18-061 12-Door Steel Locker with the following technical specifications: Dimension: 14 inches x 71 inches(height) x 34 inches (width) QTY: 5 pcs Approved Budget: PhP 100,000.00 RFQ_19-18-061